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Survive Outside- Snowmobiling

During the winter months, Canada is a snowmobiling mecca. From fast-flowing trails to pristine off-piste backcountry, snowmobiling is a popular winter activity which allows participants to experience winter’s splendor in the great outdoors.

Like all recreational activities, there are inherent risks that require snowmobile riders to act responsibly by being prepared and making good choices. Out there you will encounter frozen lakes and deep backcountry powder far from the comforts of the city.

About the Course

This presentation is geared for snowmobilers and uses much of the content from Survive Outside adapted to winter conditions. Segments feature travel tips on both snow and ice, including critical information when travelling in avalanche terrain.

What you will learn

Ensure that you are properly trained and equipped to survive a night outside or to help others in need. You should also be aware of the following specific safety issues associated with snowmobiling.

SPEED AND CARELESS OPERATION: Speed is another major factor in many snowmobile crashes. Always keep the speed of your snowmobile slow enough to ensure you are in control and operating safely. Excessive speed combined with alcohol or drug use is especially dangerous.

NIGHT RIDING: Riding at night requires extra precautions. It is important to ride at slower speeds and use caution to not override snowmobiles’ headlights. Headlights generally illuminate the path about 60 metres in front of you – so if you’re driving faster than 60 km/h you’re likely exceeding the area illuminated by your headlights before you can react and stop safely.

ROADWAYS: Many snowmobile trails are located alongside roadways and sometimes cross over them. Always be aware of vehicles on the roadway, drive defensively, and come to a complete stop at all posted stop signs, as well as at unmarked road crossings.

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Trip Planning

Before you hit the slopes, think about trip planning! Trip planning will be different depending on if you are skiing or snowboarding, and whether you are on a school trip, or a vacation with family or friends, but it is just as important! 


If you’re planning on riding a snowmobile or taking part in a snowmobiling trip, consider professional training. Courses are available in most areas of Canada through snowmobile clubs, associations and private providers.

Taking the Essentials

The third of The Three T’s is taking the essentials. While a trip plan and training can be incredibly helpful in ensuring your safety before embarking on a snowmobiling trip, it is essential to pack the proper items to use while on your ride. Learn what items will keep you safe, protected and prepared for an emergency. 

Search and Rescue In Canada

Learn all bout the Canadian Search and Rescue system, how to alert them and what to expect.

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What you will get

The Survive Outside- Snowmobiling program offered by AdventureSmart is a great way to learn the value of preparation for safety in outdoor activities. Augment your basic outdoor survival knowledge by taking the “Survive Outside- A Guide to Outdoor Safety,” program offered by AdventureSmart.

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