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This presentation is designed for youth and adults who want to paddle, whether it is using stand-up paddleboards, kayaks or canoes.

Topics include trip planning, training and taking the essentials for water based activities. Segments on moving water and coastal water can be added to the presentation depending on location.

About the Course

There has been a drastic increase in popularity of recreational paddling. We want to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of those who want to paddle, and make them better paddlers.

Before setting out on your recreational paddling adventure,

  • Make sure you follow the Three Ts;

  • Know the effects of alcohol and drugs—for your safety and the safety of others, you need to be attentive and responsive;

  • Know the signs of hypo- and hyperthermia as well as how to treat it;

  • Know how to get help and survive until rescue if an emergency arises.

What you will learn

Learn the basics of the program, including the three Ts – Trip Planning, Training, and The Essentials, before diving deep into PaddleSmart on Moving Water. This program is similar in many ways to the Survive Outside course, but offers additional training that is specific to paddling and adventuring out on the water. 

Wear your lifejacket

 It’s the most effective piece of safety equipment you can use while on the water. Most marine incidents occur quickly and without warning.

Be prepared

Carry the required safety equipment and ensure vessel preparedness. It could save your life on the water.

Be aware of cold water risks

The immediate effects of cold water immersion can be life-threatening.


Learn about the risks of alcohol and paddling, the risks of hypothermia, cold water submersion, and more. 

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Search And Rescue
The Three T's

What you will get

Before you head out to explore Canada’s magnificent outdoor playgrounds, ensure that you invest some time – and money – to get properly outfitted.

Course Certificate

Recieve a course certificate indicating that you have completed the AdventureSmart PaddleSmart Program upon completion of all aspects of the course.